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BLAG is a moving target [this is a feature, not a bug...] At any one time there's usually a stable version [currently 90001 (oxygen)] and a development version [which is what BLAGHEAD may be considered to be, BLAGHEAD does not have an ISO]. It's good to have a copy of the current stable ISO on your hard disk somewhere [so that you can burn copies for your friends and also so that you can seed the ISO via Bittorrent].

FREEEEE has however a much quicker development cycle, at the time of writing at least. New installation images are produced almost daily and are in ext2 format. Note there is a download script: freeeee-download for the current image.

Downloading the full ISO/ext2 every time there's an update is wasteful of both your and BLAG's bandwidth. One way to download just changed parts of the ISO/ext2 is to use the wonderful program, rsync.

Here's a howto for rsync'ing a BLAG ISO or FREEEEE ext2.



The following should work when the next update to 90002 happens. It assumes you have a pre-existing BLAG ISO and the associated SHA1SUM file in the same directory.

Go to where your existing image is:

cd path/to/where/your/iso/lives

Rename it:

mv BLAG-90001.iso BLAG-90002.iso

Run the rsync commands for the ISO and the SHA1SUM file. Note trailing "." -- it indicates to write to the current directory, you could substitute it with a filename:

rsync -Pz --stats --progress rsync:// . 
rsync -Pz --stats --progress rsync:// .

Check the SHA1SUM of the image against what it should be:

sha1sum BLAG-90002.iso ; tail -n 2 SHA1SUM

The two SHA1SUMs should be identical. If they aren't, it's jacked. Don't use the rsync image for installing BLAG.


Same process, just a different domain and file names. This example uses the latest two images at the time of writing [or last edit].

cd path/to/where/your/ext2/lives
mv FREEEEE-200810131828.ext2 FREEEEE-200810150722.ext2
rsync -Pz --stats --progress rsync:// .
rsync -Pz --stats --progress rsync:// .
sha1sum FREEEEE-200810150722.ext2 ; tail -n 2 SHA1SUM


Based on freeeee-download mentioned above, I am attempting [as my first attempt at such a thing] to write two scripts: blag-rsync and freeeee-rsync, stay tuned...


in progress.


in progress.


This works for me.


# freeeee-download
# to download the latest version of the FREEEEE ext2 installation image.
# sometime sep-2008 jeff <> - 1.0
# original version

wget -c
IMG=$( tail -1 SHA1SUM | cut -f 3 -d " " )
wget -c$IMG.torrent

aria2c \
 -s 2 -c \
 --seed-ratio=0.1 --seed-time=1 \
 -T $IMG.torrent \$IMG \$NOW \$IMG \$IMG


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