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BLAG-9002 goes onto the TPad really well. This will also help for other laptops with lt_modems. (solutions arrived at by circuitous routes, so if any of these dont work for you then please email and we can tweak them)

Hardware needing attention after a default install:

  1. thinkpad-Display to get the maximum out of the laptop screen
  2. thinkpad-kernel-modules (dag's roll) to run power management utils
  3. thinkPad-lt_modem
  4. thinkpad-cdrw-scsi-emulation

1. Go to the Advanced TAB, hit configure and choose generic Laptop Display Panel 1026x768. Back in the Display TAB choose 1024x768, restart X and thats it.

2. Thinkpad configuration utilities. - to check it's installed

 rpm -qi kernel-module-thinkpad

- If you need to install it

 apt-get update ; apt-get install kernel-module-thinkpad

- then

 su -
 modprobe thinkpad

- put these lines into /etc/modules.conf:

 options thinkpad enable_smapi=1 enable_superio=1
 enable_rtcmosram=1 enable_thinkpadpm=1
 alias char-major-10-170 thinkpad
 alias /dev/thinkpad thinkpad
 alias /dev/thinkpad/thinkpad thinkpad
 alias /dev/thinkpad/smapi smapi
 alias /dev/thinkpad/superio superio
 alias /dev/thinkpad/rtcmosram rtcmosram
 alias /dev/thinkpad/thinkpadpm thinkpadpm

- now the thinkpad item in the system settings menu should work - if anyone figures out how to make hibernation work, please let us know and i'll update here!

3. LT_Modem/(lt_modem) ==== This is so much less of a pain with 9002 :)

We used these commands:

- If you need to install it

 apt-get update ; apt-get install kernel-module-ltmodem

- this checks whether modem module is loaded

 lsmod | grep lt

- no result indicates it aint loaded

- let's put it in

 modprobe lt_modem
 modprobe lt_serial

- now

 lsmod | grep lt

- should result in

 lt_serial              20212   0  (unused)
 lt_modem              521499   0  [lt_serial]

- now make device in /dev

 mknod /dev/ttyLT0 c 62 64

- now lets fix the modem symlink to whats in the hardware browser:

 cd /dev/
 ln -sf ttyLT0 modem

- On my Thinkpad 240X I had to use ttyLT00 where the above lists ttyLT0.

- now minicom should run on modem


- tip about minicom: Hit CTRL-A, let go keys and then a key to enact a command. (Q will quit)

- Now we need to change /etc/modules.conf so modem stays in there. Insert these lines at the end.

alias char-major-62 lt_serial
alias /dev/tts/LT0 lt_serial
alias /dev/modem lt_serial

I'm not sure the abovet modules.conf is right, I'm guessing it should actually read:

alias char-major-62 lt_serial
alias /dev/ttyLT0 lt_serial
alias /dev/modem lt_serial

- now get in your ISP info with using "Internet Config Wizard" in the menu. This just modifes /etc/wvdial.conf and some files in /etc/ppp/peers/. These sometimes get set wrongly if you change the provider name, so check them if you get problems.

4. Also see scsi emulation for fixing Cdrecord


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